The officers of the Association of Dental Anaesthetists

Members of the ADA wishing to stand for Council vacancies are advised to contact a Council member for full information. Self nomination is acceptable, and normally nominations should be seconded by another ADA member. It is unlikely that applications for election to Council will be considered from anyone other than active members of the ADA

Dr Harry Ashurst,
Consultant Aneasthetist

BradfordHarry Ashurst
Dr Jeff Zane, Paediatric Sedationist
Jeff Zane
Dr Ian Fletcher,
NewcastleIan Fletcher
Membership Secretary
Dr Tony Caen, Dental SedationistTony Caen
Immediate Past President
Dr Yosuf (Joe) Omar. Dental Sedationist.
Hon Sen Teaching fellow, Eastman CPD, UCL.
Sen Partner Sed Solutions LLP.
Joe Omar
Council Member
Dr Harjit Tagar,
Consultant Oral Surgeon,
Kings College HospitalHarijit Tagar
Council Member
Dr Giju Jacob George,
Consultant Aneasthetist
Giju George
Council Member
Dr Zelda Swanepoel,
Dental Sedationist
Zelda Swanepoel
Council Member
Dr Rudi Swart,
Dental Sedationist
Emergency Medicine Practitioner
Forensic Medical Examiner
Dr Rudi Swart


If you would like to contact any of the council members, please use the e-mail address.

Former Presidents of the Association of Dental Anaesthetists

  • 1977-78
  • Prof TJ Gilmarti
  • 1978-79
  • Dr H R Marrett
  • 1979-81
  • Dr W N Rollason
  • 1981-83
  • Dr J L Murray-Wilson
  • 1983-85
  • Dr T Boulton
  • 1985-87
  • Dr T M Young
  • 1987-89
  • Dr C S Ward
  • 1989-92
  • Dr J Greenan
  • 1992-93
  • Dr R C Bret Day
  • 1993-95
  • Dr Y M A Tai
  • 1995-97
  • Dr P B Hewitt
  • 1997-99
  • Dr A Padfield
  • 1999-2001
  • Dr A M Skelley
  • 2001-03
  • Dr S A Hargrave
  • 2003-05
  • Dr T Cripps
  • 2005-07
  • Dr N Robb
  • 2007-09
  • Dr K Ruiz
  • 2009-11
  • Dr D Terry