This site is aimed at Dental and Medical Professionals who have an interest in Dental Sedation and Pain and Anxiety control. The membership includes dental and medical practitioners, students and nurses who are involved in Dental Sedation in hospitals, in the community, general practice, the private sector and in the academic environment. It is hoped that this site will provide a uniform resource that will add value to the provision of Dental Sedation within the United Kingdom.


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  • Association of Dental Anaesthetists Annual Conference Tuesday 28th November 2017 Hallam Conference Centre 44 Hallam Street, London W1W 6JJ See more…
  • Conference Registration Form 2017
    A paper version of the 2017 conference registration form can be downloaded here Download it here.
  • Guidelines For The Management Of Children Referred For Dental Extractions Under General Anaesthesia
    You can download the executive summary here
    , or the full summary